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Qeasily.com comes with 200+ high quality no-nonsense features.
And we are open to add new features; just for you.

Android App
  • Android Mobile App

    Attractive, initiative, and richly developed Android App for offline and tablet/mobile access.
  • Replicates Online Content

    Same content as available online. Maintains consistency.
  • Works Offline

    No net connection required to access already downloaded content.
  • Download Once…Use to Expiration

    Once you download from any available net connection, you can use it OFFLINE till expiration.
  • Almost Complete Functionality

    Provides almost complete functionality in App
  • Even Better Look n Feel

    We are told that our website is beautiful but our Android App is beautifully….they meant, even better than website. We beat ourselves!!
Chapter Quizzes
  • Chapter Quiz Presetting

    Set the setting if you want to- See score, Correct/Incorrect count, Timer, Set the flag, Get Feedback etc. for every quiz.
  • Chapter Quiz Introduction

    Gives user the instructions and info on chapter quiz.
  • Chapter Quiz Certificate

    Generate beautiful certificate for your record. Download it to your phone/tablet.
  • Chapter Quiz Final Review

    Review all answers and score before Final Confirm.
  • Chapter Quiz Interface

    Very initiative, user friendly, colorful and neat interface.
  • Chapter Quiz Question Types

    All major question types of True/False, Multiple Choice, Multiple Options, Numeric, Fill in Blanks, Gap Fill, Short Answers, Long Answers etc. Coming Soon- More Question Types.
  • Mailing Quiz Results

    Mail the results and certificate to your parents.
  • Chapter Quiz History

    Maintain Chapter History for last 10 attempts. Review and Improve.
  • Fixed vs Variable Questions

    Generate Test as fixed questions or variable questions.
Communication to Students and Parents
  • Continuous Communication

    Send emails/whatsapp or SMSes and automatic alerts to parents on their mobile phones.
  • Reporting in Your Pocket

    Communicate test certificates, report cards, attendance, and homework to parents.
Create Personalized (Own) Chapter Quizzes
  • Create Your Own Online Chapter Quiz for more Practice

    Your students can build their own online quizzes to practice with all types of question types namely True/False, Multiple Options, Multiple Choice, Numeric, Short Answers, Gap Fill, Fill in the Blanks
Learning Content
  • Aligned to SSC & CBSE Boards

    Follows approved syllabus, books and curriculum.
  • Build by Trusted and Experienced Team

    Authored, Reviewed, Tested by Experts
  • Large and Diverse Content to Suit Every Need

    Diverse sections
Learning Sections
  • Study Material

    Audio, Video, Graphics, Images + Rich concise summary
  • Text Book Solutions

    Model answers to text book questions
  • Activities & Experiments

    Illustrative activities and experiments to gain more understanding of topic studied.
  • Summary Notes

    Short, concise summary for quick review and memorization
  • WallCharts

    Single chart that shows you all content in on image….easy to absorb. Coming Soon
  • GK Questions

    Go above and beyond your required learning…..improve your knowledge base. Good to explore your passion. Coming Soon
  • Advanced Reporting

    Advanced Reporting Functionality (Coming Soon )
  • Personal Logins

    Separate logins for teachers and non-teachers.
Continuous Improvement- Expanding Features and Content
  • Robust Roadmap

    We have robust plan with large research and programming team to continuously improve the experience for our beloved users.
  • Rich platform that's Getting Richer

    Qeasily.com already has 50+ modules and we are adding more. Content is expanding rapidly too across skills and levels.
Practice Flashcard
  • Practice through Flashcard

    Learn through worldclass memorization technique.
  • Dynamic Content

    Uses any combination of text + image on both sides of colorful flashcard.
  • Flag the Flashcard

    Add the Flashcard to favourites to rerun or repeat for focussed unlimited practice.
  • Practice to Perfection

    Unlimited Repeat to Practice Fully. No Grading for practice.
Honest and Ethical
  • No Unnecessary Features

    Only essential, useful and needed functionality. No spuricious functionality.
  • No Commercial Goal

    Qeasily.com was started with no specific commercial goal….it all started as a hobby to do something good!!
  • No Marketing Gimmick

    Free from ads, fake promises. No licensing cost of technical platform.
  • No Fine Print

    Transfer n straight forward pricing. No hidden fees.
Laugh n Learn
  • Q Funny

    Jokes to help you laugh, giggle and forward.
  • Quotes and Thoughts

    Educational thoughts to motivate and inspire you.
  • Greetings and Wishes

    Wish and greet messages for important days.
Learning Support
  • Ask an Expert

    Ask an Expert any queries you may have
  • Maintain Study Notes

    Create your own study notes for reference
Profile Page
  • Privacy

    Maintain Avatar- Choose your avatar instead of picture for privacy
  • Class Details

    Shows subscribed classes and demo classes
  • Personal Details

    Maintain personal details
  • Guardian Details

    Include parent details and communication preference
  • Subscription Details

    Shows License expiry date to inform on renewal for next class
Ready. Set. Go.
  • It's all easy

    Simple steps to Ready. Set. Go. Quick to adapt. No learning curve.
  • Easier than Teaching

    JumpStart using Qeasily.com in just 5mins….it's so easy!!
  • Dashboard

    Beautiful dashboard with many standard frequently used reports
  • Personal Report

    Build your own flexible customized report through simple filters
  • Learning History

    Qeasily.com stores history of test results and produces analysed results to focus on development areas
  • Everyone is Special

    Each user is unique and has unique ID. No sharing possible.
  • Personal Logins

    Individual separate logins for students and parents with separate authorizations.
  • Role based Access

    Each role of Student, Parent, Teacher and Admin have different privileges.
  • Data Security

    Data is encrypted and secured with professional hosting provider.
  • SSL Security

    SSL Certificate Applied
  • Password Reset/Recovery

    Easy but secured password recovery. Change password anytime.
  • Student Manuals/Guides/QRGs

    Quick Reference Guides and Details Help pages with many video tutorials
  • Many Ways to Reach Us

    Contact us directly by Phone, message us or WhatsApp us
  • Need Quick Help

    For quick help, reach us directly through Online Chat during working hours.
  • Need More Help

    Send emails for longer and descriptive messages with images/screenshots
  • Responsive Design (HTML5 + CSS3)

    Qeasily.com is completely responsive design website that is accessible on any device of your choice for web version.
  • Access Anywhere

    Qeasily.com is accessible Anywhere with internet connectivity. Offline App version can be accessed even without internet connectivity.
  • Offline + Online

    Whether Offline or Online, accessible anytime you want it.
  • Cutting Edge Programming

    Qeasily.com is developed using latest programming features available across hardware/software technologies to give best experience to students, teachers and parents.
  • Website + Android App

    Available both for download (Offline) and on-demand (Online)
  • No Virus Installing Programs

    Use just your browser you love without any installation. This helps protecting from viruses.
  • Schedule Your Timetable + Events

    Set up and communicate institution and Class calendar/timetable to students/parents. Add events to Institution or Class calendar
  • My Planner

    One Calendar that shows all events- institution/class and invidual
  • Qeasily.com...Enjoy Success Quickly n Easily.

    Qeasily.com...Enjoy Success Quickly n Easily.
  • Icons

    Iconic user interface
  • UI/UX

    Cutting edge User experience
User Friendly
  • It's very clean UI

    Extremely clean, user friendly and intuitive interface.
  • Simply Simple Navigation

    Simple no-brainer navigation.
  • One Look and Feel

    Same experience across browsers and devices (laptop vs desktop vs tablet vs mobile)
Value for Money
  • Saabse Sasta..Saabse Sachcha

    Unbelievably inexpensive for content, features and functionality it offers!! Insane Pricing
  • Ultimate Success Tool

    The Ultimate Success Tool you need to Enjoy success Quickly n Easily!
Who Uses Qeasily.com
  • Customer Base

    Fasted growing learning and success platform in India and elsewhere
  • For Everyone

    Rapidly growing franchise platform
  • Resell and Earn

    Team up. Grow Up. Earn Up.
  • Fully scalable and flexible

    Very broad usage. Practically anyone can use it.
  • Scalable

    Qeasily.com is extremely flexible and scalable to adapt to from small coaching classes to big universities