How It All Started

We had a very humble beginning. It all started when we wanted our daughter to learn our mother tongue but she was struggling. Growing up first in Los Angeles and later in New York, she started picking up Spanish language easily but not the language we were speaking at home. As an undecided immigrant figuring out whether to settle in US or return to India, this was a troubling sign. As any kid, she was ‘bit addicted’ to animated videos and games

We were late but one day as we jumped to iPhone cult by getting our first iPhone…an iPhone 3; an idea struck to us. Why not build a simple flashcard app to build her vocabulary. Idea was simple. We thought we can even put it on app store in multiple Indian languages and make money too.  Sounded very easy and brilliant….but it was not.

As we started building it, we expanded on the concept to make the App more interactive and personalized. And then we expanded the concept further, and as things became more and more challenging n interesting; we kept on adding features, revisiting earlier design, redeveloping the interface and going through same loop. Our passion helped us continue albeit with slow progress. One fine day, we accidentally showed it to one of our friend, a favorite school principal, who was impressed with what she saw and advised us to show it to others.

Following her advice, we showed the concept to few educationalist, coaching institutes, principals, teachers, parents; EVERYONE loved it and gave further suggestions. We agreed to include most of their input including two majors ones- 1. Make it available not just for kids but for high school students as it will be very useful for them too and 2. We were strongly advised to add strictly curriculum aligned content. We took the advice and decided to re-purpose the whole effort to make it more relevant for middle and high school students.

We quickly gathered a very solid content building team to develop our study material- audio/visual, activities and experiments, textbook solutions, question bank and quizzes, summary notes etc. We also collaborated with others to build the content. Task was tough but so was our team. This was a big team effort.

What was considered as a three month journey became a multi-year marathon project before it was widely released for general students, teachers, parents etc. And we are determined to continue on this journey to improve it every day. We have a robust Roadmap to add new features, a strong experienced dedicated global team, right advisers and, well-wishers to take it to next level and beyond.

We invite you to team up & experience this fascinating journey!!

Welcome aboard!!