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  • Syllabus Learning is Not Enough
  • Fosters ingenuity and creativity
  • Encourages experimentation, knowledge application and teamwork
  • Learn Complex Problem Solving
  • Encourage Proper Tech-use
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Sample List of STEM Activities/Projects


Smart Planetarium

A 360 Degree Immersive Experience of Planetarium For Kid.
Full interactive edutainment.



Explore Future of the automated world with drones, guided vehicles, intelligent task executors.



Augment Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality


Future Coding

Learn to code simple algorithm using python, HTML and other programming languages


Smart Cities

Explore our future and your role in it.


Big Data and Data Analytics

Understand how future will be all data, analytics and algorithm driven


STEM Projects

Work in teams to build something real.


Smart Transportation

Future of electrified, self-driving automated individual and mass transportation


Smart Education

Get ready for your career options and start developing your career.


Build Machines

Work in teams to build automated machines

Why STEM Projects and Activities

  • Enriches School Education

    Prepare Students for 21st Century Skills
    Make Learning Interesting
  • Makes Learning Relatable

    Explain Why STEM is Important
    Show STEM Impacts Future Society
  • Foundation for Strong Career

    Explore real-life Implications of STEM
    Spark an interest in pursuing a STEM Career

Who It's For?

STEM Activities, Courses and Programs are for All.
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  • Schools and Students

  • Tutors

  • Coaching Institutes

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