Immersive, Personalized and
Comprehensive Learning Experience

Maths | Science | Social Science | Languages
Practice to Perfection

Aligned to Standardized Syllabus
Extremely Interactive way of Practice with No Pressure

Practice to Perfection

  • Great Confidence Builder
  • Superior performance requires practicing beyond the point of mastery
  • Overlearn a Skill so Never to Forget
  • Covers all Major Subjects
  • 800+ Skills for Every Grade. 100+ Skills for Every Subject per Grade
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How Qeasily's Smart Practice Helps



Comprehensive and Aligned to Syllabus.



Currently Covers Maths | Science.
Soon to cover other subjects too.


Teacher Recommended

Trusted and Recommended by Teachers and Principals.
Loved by Parents and Students.


Science Based

Based on Scientific Study on 'How Humans Acquire and Master New Skills'.


Detailed Analytics

Analyse your performance through graphs and interactive analytics.


AI/ML Driven Recommendations

System proposes improvement suggestions based on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.


Personalized Guidance

Get solutions to your unique situation.


Learning Styles

Meets any learning style, approach and pace.

Why to use Qeasily Smart Practice

It’s Very Simple.
Backed by neurological studies to improve mental memory

  • Gamified, Interactive,
    and Personalized Practice

    Get addicted to studies
    Develop killer insticts
  • Dashboard and
    Graphical Analysis

    Continuous Recommendations
    AI and ML based Analysis
  • Practice Once
    Remember for Life

    Visual and mental Memory
    Master the Skill with Incremental Practice.

Who It's For?

Smart Practice is for anyone who wants believes in science of
'Practice Leads to Perfection'
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