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  • Grasp Concepts by Engaging and Interactive Learning
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Effective Teaching
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Qeasily Smart Learning is THE ONLY APP in MARKET that covers every chapter through entire learning cycle of Plan > Learn > Practice > Test > Report & Support.



Learn quickly with Interactive Images, Animation and Videos.


Activities and Experiments

Explore and Discover through practical application in real life.


Summary Notes

Take short-cut for Revision. If you want to revise with one thing, revise with this.


Practice Flashcards

Improve grasping with this Gamified Word-class Memorization Technique.


Textbook Solutions

Homework Help with Model solutions to textbook excercises.


Chapter Tests

Test yourself to perfection with funfilled, engaging and gamified online tests.


Long and Short Answers

Detailed model answers to descriptive questions.


Hot Quizzes

Improve through High Order Thinking (HOT) questions instead of simply recalling facts.


Model Question Papers

Benchmark potential performance to get clear confidence on most likely exam result.



Carry all your textbooks in your pocket.

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