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Complete Classroom Management Software
Covers Complete Curriculum
Parents-Teachers-Students Collaboration
Extremely Clean and User-Friendly Interface
Highly Customizable to Suit Individual Needs
Available Both Online + Offline (Android App) for SmartStudents
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  • Practice
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Comprehensive Study Material with Great Audio-Visual
With, You Get Access to Excellent Curated Study Material Authored and Reviewed by Highly Experienced Expert Teachers.
  • Study Material Aligned to State Curriculum
  • Illuminates Learning Concepts with Animation, Videos, Images, Audio
  • Many Activities & Experiments Based on Chapter Concepts
  • Summary Notes- Concise Chapter Summary for Quick Reference
Practice Makes Perfect
Practice to Perfection with World Class Memorization Technique of Flashcards
  • Flashcards by each Chapter with Unlimited Attempts
  • Understand Model Answers with Textbook Solutions
  • Generate Online Quizzes for Topics Needing More Attention
No Student Left 'Untested'
Numerous Chapterwise Tests with Large Curated Question Bank to Test You Thoroughly.
  • Test Yourself by Taking Chapter Quizzes.
  • Use Exceptional Feature of Quiz Pre-setting to Define Quiz Behaviour
  • Review Answers and Generate Quiz Completion Certificate
Track Progress to Understand Achievements and Improve
User various tools of Dashboard, Chapter Progress, and Quiz Reporting to Analyse Learning Progress, Adjust and Improve.
  • Visualize Your Progress
  • Review Quiz History for Your Responses
  • Plan and Track Chapter Completion Progress
Get All the Support You Need
We are Committed to Providing You All Necessary and 'Easy to 'Use' Support to Succeed.
  • Asks an Expert to Get Answers to You Curious Queries
  • Reach Us with Online Chat, Phone Call, WhatsApp, Facebook etc.
  • Use Online Help Guide, Quick Reference Cards, and Learning Videos for SmartClassroom
  • Manage Website
  • Manage Batches
  • Manage Students
  • Manage Content
  • Report & Support
Create Your Own Website Webpages or Integrate Your Existing Website
With, You can Easily Create Your Own Website Webpages in Just 1 hour
  • Seamlessly Integrate Your Existing Website with Ours
  • Responsive Webdesign Allows Access Across Any Browsers and Any Device
  • Use Our Ready to Use Templates to Build Visually Rich Website
  • Just Submit Your Content and We Take Care of Building Website
Your Institute Your Structure
Setup Your Institutions Structure
  • Create Records for Your Institution, Your Branches, Your Locations, Your Batches etc.
  • Manage Students at Batch Level
  • Manage Attendance, Assignments, Content at Batch Level
Tailormade Student Management
Maintain Individual Student Records
  • Assign Students to Class, Standard, Batch, Branch
  • Maintain Parents and Communucation Info
  • Monitor Attendance, Assignments, Homework, Progress at Student Level
Create Your Own Unique Content
Create and Print Your Own Model Question Papers with Your Brand using Our Question Bank
  • Allow Users to Generate Online Quizzes
  • Just in Minutes- Setup, Assign, Track, and Grade Homwork Assignments
  • Securely Create and Integrate Your Learning Content with Ours
Collaborate Effectively with All
Report Student Attendace, Assignment Completion/Grade to Parents
  • Communicate Quiz Scores to Parents
  • Extremely Simple Teacher Dashboard Gives Single Screen View to All Important Info.
  • Provide Support to All Through Notice Board, Messages, Emailing etc.
What People are Saying!
Awesomely simple!! Extremely well designed and simplistic interface for students' learning. The quiz, the flashcard and many other sections cover all that is essential to study, practice, and test!!
Ms. Sharon Smith - Principal